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Junior Wellness Blood Work for Dogs

We recommend blood work to access the status of your pet’s internal health for early detection of disease and infection.  This aids in maintaining a healthy life for your pet.  We offer a blood work package for pets within the ages of 1-7 years old.

Junior Wellness Blood Work tests for:

  • Evaluation of kidney functions:

    • BUN

    • Creatinine

    • BUN/ Creatinine Ratio

  • Evaluation of liver functions:

    • Albumin

    • ALT

    • AKP

  • Detect dehydration and other body functions such as:

    • Total Protein

    • Albumin

    • Globulin

  • Glucose Check

    • Detects diabetes and other metabolic disorders

  • Potassium

    • Assessment of electrolytes or acid-base status

  • Heartworm Test

    • To detect the presence of heartworm

  • CBC

    • Tests for anemia, infection, inflammation, leukemia, and function of bone marrow